For the realization of your printing projects, we are ready to perform a full range of publishing services from the set up replication.


Preparation of the text:
– Recognize text from scans, converted into text format;
– Editing;
– Proofreading;
– Translation of Ukrainian / Russian / foreign.

Images processing:
– Scan;
– Professional photography (objective, interior, reportage, etc.);
– Selection of illustrations from public sources, and purchase from photostocks photo banks;
– Tracing raster to vector;
– Color correction, editing and retouching.

– Development of the original design;
– The creation of style and modular grid for multi-media;
– Layout design and layout;
– Proofreading, making edits to the layout;
– The creation of print files for printing or periodical.

Printing process
– Advice in choosing and printing support when placing an order;
– Printing and delivery circulation in Kiev our forces.

On the links on the left you will find a description of each type of printed products, the estimated cost of the preparation for printing and the approximate delivery times.