The design and imposition of polygraphic production


Design, layout, prepress full range of of polygraphic production: from business cards, letterheads, small ad unit to accommodate the media to a full multi-page publication – magazine, newspaper, catalog, book.
To fulfill your order we are ready to engage professionals at all stages of the publishing process: recruitment, text editing, proofreading, selection / survey and processing of images, layout, layout and design, technical editing. Or do small forces: a small text and image (logo, packaging, photo) + Your wishes – these are the minimum necessary sources, based on which we will create an original and eye-catching design.bann_top


On the links on the left you will find a description of each type of printed products, the estimated cost of developing the design and preparation of camera-ready copy for printing, approximate delivery times.

After completing order, we will pass the source and ready to print file in accordance with the requirements of the selected printer or periodicals which will place advertising model, as well as provide free technical support during the month: the introduction of amendments (without changing the design) and adaptation of the layout to other dimensions (at provided that the proportions of width and height).